Petition: The Preserve at Delmar HOA

I, the undersigned, a resident of The Preserve at Delmar, am concerned about the ongoing issues related to traffic safety and the enforcement of community rules. This petition is raised to address specific problems affecting our community's safety and well-being, particularly the issue of cones blocking the turnaround at the end of the Preserve Terrace. 

Our community has always prided itself on being a safe, welcoming, and accessible place for all residents. However, road obstacles placed by one neighbor have led to increased safety risks and inconveniences, impacting our community's street safety. 

Through this petition, we urge the Homeowners Association (HOA) to take all necessary action, including legal action as necessary, to enforce the existing community rules. Our primary goal is to ensure the removal of obstacles that hinder safe vehicle movement and turnaround within our neighborhood.

Call to Action: 
We request the HOA to: 1) Implement legal and administrative measures to ensure compliance with the City of San Diego and HOA instruction that our roadway must not be blocked. 2) Take immediate action to address the removal of ron's street cones. 

I, the undersigned, support this petition and urge the HOA to take the necessary steps for the betterment of our community.

Signature will be emailed to Asaf Benhaim and forwarded to the HOA 

Closing Remarks: 
Thank you for considering my concerns and for your ongoing commitment to making The Preserve at Delmar a safe and pleasant place to live. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and look forward to a positive resolution.